”Delivery information update” 22th October 2020

From October middle, Due to the effects of the ”Coronavirus re-epidemic” Japan to European country delivery has been delay 1.5 week - 2.5 week.

So, It may be delayed from the normal delivery date.


We can continue of "Free shipping delivery".
Now, Japan Post to worldwide delivery is no problem.
But delivery has been delayed after arriving in each country.

To be able to tracking, We recomented "With tracking delivery."

If you want order items quickly receive, We recomented "Express Delivery".

Express Delivery is no problem quickly delivery.
Delivery time about 3 days - 7 days.


I hope you understand the crisis in the world late delivery due to the "Coronavirus".

We wish you and your family the best of health and please stay safe.


And, We contracted a new courier service.
Now, We can send to worldwide.

But, Some countries yet only "Express Delivery".
Delivery courier company is "DHL" or "Fedex".

Now, Japan post can standard delivery method

following countries.



United kingdom/Germany/France/Estonia/Austria/





【North America】










Please check "Shipping Price Page"


Because, "Aircraft flight reduction" by Immigration restrictions.
Japan post can not yet "Air Delivery" to all countries .


"Coronavirus re-epidemic" to the world(><)

Please take care of yourself.

Again, We wish you and your family the best of health and please stay safe.


Thank you as always.


Best Regards,
Harajuku Culture Japan
Junichi Taniguchi