Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid

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Best Seller
by: Koji
Use daily as you please
alkyl ammonium copolymer / ethanol / orange extract / PG / methylparaben / phenoxyethanol / propylparaben acid / acrylic Wed
Instructions for use: 1. After cleaning the face, gently wipe eyelids with a cotton pad. 2. With the style folder (the Y applicator) lightly press on the eyelids, line position; up from about 4-6mm lashes. 3. Close your eyes back and forth to evenly apply the liquid on the eyelids (2 to 3 times back and forth to increase adhesion), about 1-2mm away from the lashes to the eyelid position between the line. wait about 2 minutes, with the style folder (Y applicator) hold the line lightly and position, and slowly open your eye. 5.Remove the style folder quickly.X