Mellsavon Body Wash Journey Series Refreshing Green - 460ml


Mellsavon Body Wash Journey Series Refreshing Green - 460ml

Aborigines, the Australian indigenous population, have long lived under harsh desert conditions and developed a unique culture of beauty and cuisine around that.
For example, “bush food” refers to the various ingredients aboriginal populations have used since time immemorial.
The beneficial and nutritive properties of the plants, fruits, and herbs used in bush food have drawn attention, leading to a boom for “super foods” in Australia.
This includes eucalyptus, the majority of which natively grows in Australia.
Since ancient times, aboriginal peoples used eucalyptus to treat cuts and wounds, using its leaves for bactericidal purposes. That knowledge has been passed down into the present, with soaps and oils made with eucalyptus having become popular products.
In addition, the scent of eucalyptus has an uplifting quality that reduces melancholy and refreshes the mind. Enjoy a refreshing bath time with a bright and fresh scent.

■Australian beauty secrets
Eucalyptus leaf extract
Eucalyptus oil is found stocked in almost all homes in Australia. It has antimicrobial and moisturizing properties and helps promote circulation, as well as improves skin problems and breakouts.

■Peppermint leaf extract
Mint flavored sweets are very popular in Australia. Mint has astringent and antibacterial properties, and helps keep skin clean.

■Tea tree leaf oil
Tea tree was widely used by aboriginal populations as a restorative cure-all. It is commonly found in Australian households as an anti-itch preparation, or to disinfect and treat slight injuries and abrasions.

The cleaning ingredient of Mellsavon is [100% soap]
Refreshing Green (Australia)
The scent of eucalyptus
Peppermint leaf extract
Tea tree leaf oil

■The scent of Refreshing Green puts in you an uplifted state of mind.
The summery, clean scent of peppermint pairs with the calming aroma of eucalyptus.

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